The transformation of the heart and life in love gives persons the motivation and desire to participate in God’s mission to the world. While evangelism is the heart of mission it is not the whole; mission involves meeting the needs of others, changing unjust social structures, and caring for creation. 



Transforming Evangelism: The Wesleyan Way of Sharing Faith
Henry H. Knight III and F. Douglas Powe

Describes the goals and means of evangelism in the Wesleyan tradition and suggests ways local churches and persons can embody it.

Unbinding the Gospel: Real Life Evangelism
Martha Grace Reese

Written with mainline Protestant churches in mind, it lays a firm foundation in prayer and reliance upon God as well as providing motivation and guidance for local churches and person.


Personal Faith Sharing

Faith-Sharing (Revised & Expanded)
H. Eddie Fox & George E. Morris

The single best resource for learning how to share one’s faith relationally with others with respect and non-manipulation. 
DVD available.

Faith Sharing Congregations

Congregations that Initiate Persons into the Kingdom of God

The Art of Evangelism
William J. Abraham

This is a church study based on Abraham’s more technical work The Logic of Evangelism. Like Wesley, Abraham fears that many evangelistic practices seek decisions or members but stop short of persons actually becoming Christian. So this is a form of evangelism that initiates persons into the kingdom of God by way of six dimensions.