The mission of the Rio Texas Conference is to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World”. Our vision for achieving this mission is to do so by “Uniting Peoples, Vitalizing Congregations, Developing Leaders, and Transforming Communities.”

At the heart of the experience of the Rio Texas Conference toward fulfilling this mission and vision is the reality that we as the United Methodist Church are rooted and grounded in our Wesleyan heritage. It is therefore significant that we remain faithful to our Wesleyan heritage in our efforts to respond to the prophetic vision of advancing God’s will for our work to establish the Kingdom in today’s mission field.

This resource has therefore been developed for the distinct purpose of helping the Rio Texas Conference to remain connected to our “Wesleyan DNA”. The objective of this guide is to assemble the books, materials, and resources developed by foremost Wesleyan scholars and historians in our world today in order to equip leaders throughout the Conference with resources to assist in sustaining our foundation within our Wesleyan Methodist heritage.