The resources in this guide are based upon a basic Wesleyan Premise. The Wesleyan Premise in forming missional communities is that the process begins with embracing the way of salvation, engaging in formation, and living out one’s faith in mission. It becomes a continuum that leads and encourages a constant process of renewal. The foundation is based upon embracing and understanding the Wesleyan way of salvation. Ongoing formation occurs through the participation in the means of grace in the context of the community of Christian faith. Participation in mission is the natural expression of a social holiness that imitates from a personal holiness in Wesleyan theology. The following continuum illustrates this Wesleyan premise. 



Way of Salvation: Wesley and his Message of Salvation
The Way of Salvation, centered on justification and sanctification, provides the motivation, desire, and vision to participate in God’s mission in the world.  
Formation: Christian Formation in the Wesleyan Tradition
The formation of Christians by the Holy Spirit occurs largely through spiritual disciplines, community, prayer, and other means of grace. 
III.    Mission: Forming Missional Communities
Participation in mission is itself a means of grace that invigorates Christian formation. Participation in mission is an expression of Christian growth. 

Additional Wesleyan Essentials:

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Criteria for classification of resources

  • Foundational resources are those that lay explicit Wesleyan foundations and are comprehensive in what they cover. They are on the whole the best place to start.
  • Resources for going deeper are not more difficult but are usually more focused, or contain a bit more material.
  • Resources for going deeper do not require persons to first read foundational resources but can stand alone. Some may themselves serve as alternative starting points.   

Foundational Resources