Wesleyan DNA Pastoral Resource Exchange

What is the Wesleyan DNA Pastoral Resource Exchange?
The Wesleyan DNA Pastoral Resource Exchange is an effort to engage the pastors of the Rio Texas Conference to share Bible-studies or sermon series outlines based upon John Wesley’s approach to evangelism and mission offered in the new webpage. Those who are willing to participate will help continue to build this Wesleyan DNA resource guide by offering some practical applications for use in the local church. 

Who is eligible?
Any pastor in the Rio Texas Conference can participate. 

How should I structure my Bible Study or sermon series?
You may strcuture your work in whatever way you prefer as long as it is A) follows the outline of the Wesleyan Premise that is found in the website, B) offeres a minimum of a four to six-lesson series or study, and as long as it C) utilizes the resources listed on the webpage. (Please note that books listed on the webpage resource section are directly linked for online ordering). 

Way of Salvation: Wesley and his Message of Salvation
The Way of Salvation, centered on justification and sanctification, provides the motivation, desire, and vision to participate in God’s mission in the world.  
Formation: Christian Formation in the Wesleyan Tradition
The formation of Christians by the Holy Spirit occurs largely through spiritual disciplines, community, prayer, and other means of grace. 
Mission: Forming Missional Communities
Participation in mission is itself a means of grace that invigorates Christian formation. Participation in mission is an expression of Christian growth.  Please use resources recommended in the study. 

What do I do once I am finished with my Bible-Study or sermon series?
Please send an electronic copy of a completed Bible-studies or sermon series to Eve Albert in the Leadership Vitality Office.  Her email address is evealbert@riotexas.org

What will happen to the work I submit once this process is completed? 
Once submitted, your work will be shared with clergy in the Conference who will be invited to rate your work in either of the following ways: 1 - Exceptional, 1 - Great Potential, or 3 - Honorable Mention. Amazon gift cards will be provided to all who participated in the following amounts: Category 1 - $100.00, category 2 - $75.00, and category 3 - $50.00. These gift cards are a modest effort to honor and show appreciation for your contribution and investment in this process. We will then ask your consent to allow your work to remain a part of the Wesleyan DNA website Pastoral Resource Exchange section to help provide practical resources for pastors and church leaders in planning to restore the Weleyan DNA in the missional efforts of their congregations.